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It is with heartfelt honor we present the

Ghazal Free Dental Emergency Clinic

A non- profit organization In memory of Dr. Jila Tahmasebi’s beloved daughter, Ghazal Farid, serving the Washington Metropolitan Area.   It is our purpose and mission to serve the underserved in their emergency dental situations. Beyond the immediate emergency will require us to refer you to another setting as we treat emergencies only.  We bring the state of the art technology, digital imaging, nurturing care, prescription for pain, and infection if needed and guidance to lend a helping hand when finances make it impossible for the emergent patient to receive care.  The process is quite simple, the patient will be required to provide proof of residency and income verification.  Letters from social and case workers will be acceptable. A referral can be written by a dentist. We honor any kind of revenues including people donations are going to be donated to Unicef, NIH, and National Suicide Prevention, quarterly.

You may call our office at (703) 820- 7272 to make an appointment on your own.  We are here to serve you.

This clinic operates at

5601 Seminary Road #3, Falls Church, VA 22041

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